A short introduction of myself and my soon-to-be published writings

Hello, folks. As you have seen on my Medium home-page, I am Nay, short for Nayla — an ambivert adolescent from Indonesia. Yes, precisely an ambivert. I am equally fulfilled whether I’m out in the middle of crowd or at home alone doing my favorite activities — reading a book, writing, watching movies, etc. I’ve also enjoyed public speaking and constantly pestered people with questions, especially my parents. They even suggested for the go-to source of information instead of the internet, while my curious and talkative nature still persisted.

I realize that being a talkative person may be annoying to certain people. Consequently, as a blogging platform, Medium has been my savior for my curiosity on any topics in a form of undiscovered voices and writings.

My soon-to-be writings will most likely about self-development, personal experiences and opinions on social issues. But to be very honest, this is my first writing experience. I am a neophyte in writing and I believe my writings are still grammatically needed to be improved and enriched. Therefore, I hope publishing my writings on Medium can be a breakthrough and a way to help myself in improving my writing skills.

Thank you.

— N